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Mens Swimwear Fashion

Make a Splash with Stunning Mens Swimsuit Fashion

Summer is upon us and for men everywhere, increased temperatures mean more opportunities to spend a little time seaside (or poolside, whatever suits). Of course, it is clearly very important that you have the right swimsuit for all your summer adventures. Here are the hottest mens fashion swimwear, from the standard patterned board shorts to European-influenced styles for the more daring modern man.

Classic Board Shorts

Board shorts are a classic for a reason – they have been in style since their creation. Named for the fact that they are the preferred swimsuit of surfers everywhere, board shorts are longer than other swim options and sit at either the waist or the hip. Traditionally, board shorts have come in a variety of bright prints and colors, but there are more subtle options available for men who are not into “loud” color schemes.

Despite the fact that board shorts are a classic staple for a man’s beach wardrobe, they have undergone a few stylistic changes for Summer 2013. Specifically, designers have sought to modernize the classic board short by making it shorter and slimmer throughout the leg. Board shorts are a great choice for men who may want a little more coverage as they take a jaunt up and down the beach this summer.

Short Swim Shorts

Short swim shorts are not just for older men anymore. In the past, men who wore short swim shorts were thought to lack masculinity but this year’s styles have thrown that idea on its head. Cut to the middle of the thigh and tailored so as not to look baggy, short swim shorts are the perfect swimsuit to take you from the beach to the bar and back again. Short swim shorts are the perfect choice for men who want to show off their athletic legs and great taste. As an added bonus, they dry a lot faster than traditional board shorts, so you will be able to hit the cabanas a lot quicker.

Suitable Swimwear for the Modern Man

Trunk Shorts

Trunk shorts harken back to the 1950s, when the hottest male celebrities used to lounge around by the pool at the Chateau Marmont in belted short shorts. More recently, fine looking gentlemen, like Daniel Craig, have been photographed frolicking through the surf in these daring shorts.

Trunk shorts or midcut swimsuits are not for the faint of heart. Given their sleek profile and barely-there leg lengths, trunk shorts require quite a bit of confidence, as well as a toned and tight physique. If you can rock trunk shorts, go for it! Trunk shorts are great for laying out in the sun, their smaller profile means fewer tan lines and, for men who are looking to engage in some serious swimming, they cannot be beat. As a final plus: trunk shorts look a lot less like underwear than their cousins, the swim briefs.

No matter what your level of body confidence is, summer is the right time to strut your stuff. From classic board shorts to daring trunk shorts, pick a swimsuit that you feel great in and enjoy yourself at the beach!