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Men's Underwear Gallery

Some of the hottest styles of men's underwear available. View images and choose your favorites! Not all styles are currently available, but if you like some that we don't currently have at ABCunderwear.com please let us know and we will count your "vote" toward future inventory decisions. The newest styles include sheer mesh men's underwear that is very breathable, sexy and comfortable. The latest brand to over the high quality net styles is Neptio ®  They currently offer bikini styles, a mesh pouch short with a relaxed waist, a men's thong, a jock strap and a g-string. Some men are wearing them as tan through type beachwear (although we have not tested them with prolonged exposure to sun or pool chemicals).  Other unusual styles are the pleather collections, a fabric that looks and feels like thin leather but is a synthetic fabric that is easier to clean and can be more comfortable.

Men's Thong Swimwear or underwear. Sexy style of men's swimwear by Neptio Brand.