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Men's Underwear Shifts from Necessity to Fashion

Men Use Their Fashion Underwear as a Way to Express Their Style

For many years, men viewed underwear as a necessity – part of their uniform, and just one more thing to put on before leaving for work. Each and every day, they would don white cotton briefs or blue baggy boxers, shrug into their suits, and then head out the door for yet another workday. Each and every day, the same thing, over and over again.

The great news is: the monotony is over! Men are becoming increasingly fashion forward – if not fashion obsessed – and this has affected everything from suits to casual sportswear to, yes, underwear.

It all started with the slim cut suit. Gone were the days of traditional, loose fitting business attire. Men were suddenly looking for ways to let their individual personalities shine, even in their work environments. Men were no longer expected to look almost exactly the same as the person in the next cubicle. Slim cut suits begged to be worn with skinny ties and form-fitting shirts, in all sorts of vibrant colors. It became acceptable for men to wear pink. Soon enough, this renaissance in men’s fashion hit the casual clothing departments.

Nowadays, all kinds of men wear tight T-shirts with skinny jeans, and tighter pants require skivvies with a smaller profile. After all, a fashionable man would hate to ruin his carefully cultivated look with visible “manty lines.” Due to the popularity of extremely tight pants, more and more slim-fit styles of men’s underwear have become available at select department stores, as well as at specialty retailers. You can purchase everything from g-string thongs to butt-hugging boxer briefs to wear beneath your pants.

That is certainly wonderful, especially for men who love to wear tight fitting trousers. Still, basic underwear colors are no longer enough for today’s fashionistos. (If a well-dressed lady is a fashionista, a supremely well-dressed stud would be a fashionisto, no?) Stores everywhere are keeping the latest fashion trends in mind when they stock their skivvy sections.

Men's Fashion Underwear Colors, prints and bright accents are becoming the norm, and many men look to coordinate their underwear with their outfits – especially when there’s a chance their lovers might see them in a state of undress. Furthermore, the act of matching your underthings to your outerwear can give you an incredible confidence boost as you go about your day. Give it a try! The next time you are getting dressed for a long day at the office, coordinate your trunk color to your tie or shirt color. You’re guaranteed to have an extra swagger in your step between meetings.

It’s clear that fashion is becoming increasingly important to men everywhere – you might even say that men, especially young men, are downright fashion obsessed! Though this is most obvious in public, if you think about the silhouettes favored by today’s men, the movement must have spread to underwear choices. Consider being a little more fashion forward with your underwear choices, and see how great you feel!