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New Gregg Homme Styles 10/2008

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Happy Halloween! Thanks for your support in October. New styles just in, "vote" for your favorite by buying it before they are gone. New styles from Gregg Homme men's underwear. They create only 2 times a year, so don't wait until these collections are gone to email asking if we can get more!

And please, vote in this election in the United States, there has never been such an important election! We have been in business for 9 years and hope to continue to serve you for many more. Your vote counts!


The Gregg Chopper brief, unique, hot, now!


The most unique Jock ever! Would make a great gift idea! Sunset Brief

Sheer net fabric collection

Thank you for your loyalty during these tough times. We value your repeat business. We will also continue to do what we can to bring you extra special deals to help you save money, visit the clearance section often as some prices will be dropping even more!

Sincerely, The President ABCunderwear.com