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Seasonal Lingerie Styles

Seasonal Lingerie Styles for women

It’s hard to resist the purchase of a new lingerie ensemble when every fashion season brings with it a new array of hues, patterns, fabrics, and provocative cuts. From low-cut and revealing to high-cut and sheer, sexy lingerie spans an attractive medley of suggestive cuts, designs, and fabrics. There’s so much to choose from and most of the lingerie styles today are revealing and sexy. However, there are a few reasons to consider the seasonal patterns of lingerie sales.

Seasonal Differences in Intimate Apparel

During the spring and summer months, sheer fabric and lacey patterns become more popular. However, in the winter, flannel, wool, and leather lingerie styles are more readily available. Of course, you may still be able to purchase lingerie styles out-of-season, but your choices are more limited.

Although basic, neutral colors are sold throughout the year, darker colors are featured more prominently during the fall and winter months such as a black corset, while pastels and lighter colors are available more frequently during the spring and summer months. No matter what time of year it is, an abundance of lingerie styles are sold in the basic colors of white, nude, black, and red. While red is not a neutral shade, it is a staple color for lingerie styles. Black and red christmas lingerie are typically portrayed as the provocative, sexy colors for women’s intimate apparel.

One of the reasons that it is important to realize this fact is for women who are shopping for a wedding trousseau. If you intend to purchase lingerie items for your wedding trousseau, then you might need to shop six months in advance if you are looking for specific colors. If you have a preference for pastel hues over darker colors or vice versa, then you might also want to consider shopping for your lingerie seasonally.

With Comfort in Mind

While you can feel comfortable in soft cotton, you can feel just as comfortable in a sheer, lacey pair of pantiesthat gently caress your buttocks in an arousing manner. Why bother slipping on a pair of granny panties, when you can wear an attractive pair of tap pants designed to stir up sexual feelings while they cover what needs to be covered and then some? If you can blend the best of both worlds, functionality and attractiveness, then why not do so?

The most important facet of finding lingerie that is comfortable to wear is to select the proper size. Lingerie that is too small in size is going to be too tight and binding; whereas selecting intimate apparel that is too large is going to lead to rubbing or slipping.

Summary: Each season brings in a new selection of styles for women’s fashion, including lingerie. While the basic colors and styles are sold throughout the entire year, certain fabrics are more commonly found during specific seasons of the year.