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Sexy Lingerie

Fan the Flames of Your Dying Love Life with Sexy Lingerie

At ABC Underwear, we offer a variety of intimate apparel for women designed to help fan the flames of your love life. Don’t the let the romance die down. Instead, spice things up with some items from our collection of sexy lingerie!

Wearing sexy lingerie, in and out of the bedroom, shows a confidence that is very alluring. Just ask any strong man, and he'll tell you that confident women are sexy. A hint of lace under a business suit tells your man that while you are a business woman, you are still very proud of your feminine side. If you sleep in flannel nightgowns and pajamas, trade them in a few nights a week for something silky or satiny. We have a large selection of intimate apparel for women that is both sexy and comfortable. Do you want to really take the sexy to the next level? Surprise him with some sexy lingerie with cutout nipples, or crotchless panties. You’ll leave him speechless! Men love to role play, so don't pass over the sexy character lingerie. Let your fantasies run wild, and picture yourself dressed as a jungle princess, or a parlor maid. If your man is into leather, there are all sorts of possibilities. Even a strong man may enjoy spending time with a sexy dominatrix from time to time.

Color is also very important in choosing sexy lingerie. Keep in mind that red and black are usually men's favorite colors for hot lingerie, but a beautiful white teddy and satin ribbons in your hair may bring back to mind that innocent girl he fell in love with. If you're going for the soft and feminine look, pink and pastels are also great choices.

When choosing sexy lingerie, think about the look that you want. Soft, feminine lingerie should be just tight enough to be form fitting, but shouldn't hang on you or bind at any point. More patently seductive outfits, including leather, should be tighter and will leave less to the imagination.

We have something for women of all sizes. Our plus size lingerie offers plenty of hot options. We also have two piece sets, camisoles, thongs and, yes, the aforementioned nighties with nipple cutouts for the plus size girl.

If you're trying to rev up a love life turned boring, nothing says "I want you" like sexy lingerie. There is something for every woman of every size and every inclination, so don't let your love life die. Fan the flames with some sexy lingerie tonight.

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