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Sheer men's underwear

Men's sheer underwear is also now known as Men's Lingerie has been around for decades. See through underwear for men, check our huge selection. Two brands have expanded greatly on the selection of sheer men's underwear are NDS Wear ® and LOBBO ® both of which happen to be available at ABCunderwear.com view the: Sheer men's underwear

Sheer underwear is made from net or mesh fabrics. The most see through styles are fishnet or big net styles. . There is seamless microfiber net fabric also, the seamless styles stretch to fit. Lingerie for men, The larger they are stretched the more see through the fabric becomes. Seamless microfiber mesh fabric is delicate however, one can easily tear the fabric by pulling your fingers through the holes as you pull them up (I have done this myself!). So be careful with this style.

The net men's underwear, even the fishnet thongs, mens thongs, and bikinis, are delicate as well. Many men are used to being "rough" with their underwear, dumping it with the rest of their clothes in the washer on regular settings and then in the dryer as usual. DO NOT do this with sheer underwear! It should be hand washed gently and hang dried or dried flat. Drying flat helps to keep the shape in tact. More on garment care instructions here

Some men's lingerie is more see thru than others, depending on the pattern on the sheer men's underwear fabric if any, the color and the size of the holes in the net. Most of them are designed to be worn "stretched" to create the best look or effect. So pay close attention to the sizing listed in inches or centimeters, it may vary greatly from the cotton Hanes underwear ® you were or are used to.