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Silk Underwear

Silk Underwear is made from natural fibers derived from the silk worm. It is primarily the mulberry silk worm that is used for clothing. It is the material of the cocoon used to make the fabrics. China produces more than 50% of the worlds silk. It is soft and smooth as a fabric and has absorbency which can make it very comfortable as underwear or loungewear. 

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We feature many styles of 100% silk boxers, lounge pants, robes, kimonos, silk lingerie and thongs at ABCunderwear.com Matching sets for couples make a great gift idea for men or women. If you are looking for a gift for couples such as for a wedding or anniversary, try a matching color set of boxers for him or her (some women like silk boxers also) or a cami set or robe for her. It can help wick or keep moisture from your skin. It a very classy and upscale fabric for underwear for men or women. If you ask the question:

Do mormon men also wear silky socks along with silky underwear? We don't know for sure, if you know send us a note with a resource to update the information.

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