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Styles of Men's Underwear

Styles of Men's Underwear

There are many different styles of men's underwear. Many men have their favorites and stick with one style. Others have different styles for different uses or occasions. We have summarized some styles and descriptions below:

Bikini underwear is men's underwear with smaller sides than a brief, may be from 1/2 inch to 2 inches or so. It is a sexy style of underwear and may have a flat or a pouch front.

Pouch fronts are contoured to allow room and comfort in the crotch area. Pouch size varies depending on styles manufacturer and intended use.

Briefs are men's underwear with wider sides than bikinis. Probably the most popular of the traditional type "tightie whities".

Boxers or boxer shorts are the loose underwear that are more like shorts. Many men and women like them for comfort and the free feeling. They may have a button or snap fly front or some may have no fly.

Boxer brief, a hybrid of boxers and the brief. Tighter fitting yet the length extends down the thigh. Most have a fly front.

The cycle short or gripper jam is a term for a longer length form fitting style than grips the thigh and may come close to knee length.

Men's Trunk styles are a short style of boxer brief, longer length than the brief but not as long as a boxer brief.

Men's Thongs, small sides and a minimal back, traditionally a T-back with a thin strip of fabric strip on the butt area. Those with thinner sides and backs, as thin as a small piece of elastic, are commonly known as men's g-strings or gstrings.

C-ring styles, the latest in improvisations in men's underwear, aka crings, are rings in the underwear made for men to keep all the "bait and tackle" out front and more pronounced through the fabric. May include C-ring backless pouch or thong. Some are an elasticized O shaped ring in the fabric that he pulls everything through and it holds everything away from the body. Others are a piece of elastic which may be 1/2 inch wide and have snaps at the end. He snaps the elastic together at the base of the penis.