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The Best Boxer Briefs For Men

Look and Feel Great With Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are one of the most popular cuts of men's underwear. Many men feel that boxer briefs are the perfect pair of underwear. They appreciate the snug fit that is borrowed from the briefs. They also appreciate the modest coverage that is taken from the boxer. To many men this is the ultimate hybrid. The boxer brief feels and looks modern. Typically, the boxer brief is meant to sit on your waist and has an elastic band. Some boxer briefs have additional elastic around the legs. A center seam may be in the rear or they may feature side seams which frame the buttocks and helps to avoid a center line.

Many men prefer boxer briefs because of the great support that they offer. Unlike traditional boxers that can leave a man's goods just hanging there, boxer briefs cradle and support. Boxer briefs are a good choice for the athletic man who is participating in low impact, low contact sports and activities. The boxer brief offers ample support and protection in those scenarios.

The boxer brief is comfortable to wear for every day wear as well. In contrast to traditional boxers, boxer briefs stay in place and won't ride up or down. No grown man should have to deal with a wedgie from ill-fitting underwear. Boxer briefs won't give you all that additional bulk under your clothing either. Boxer briefs provide a smooth silhouette, especially if you chose a style with side seams. Many men appreciate the smooth lines of the boxer brief especially as fashion moves towards slimmer fitting styles in men's clothing.

The boxer brief can have enhancing qualities. Many styles of boxer briefs offer a design that pushes a man's testicles away from his legs and forward. This package enhancing characteristic is a very popular feature of certain boxer brief brands. It is always good to have options and you can find many with boxer briefs.

Another great characteristic of the boxer brief is its high ratings for sexiness. You can thank Mark Wahlberg and the Calvin Klein underwear campaign from the early 1990's for bringing the boxer brief into the lexicon of sexy in a big way. This campaign demonstrated that boxer briefs are the underwear of choice for today's modern man. Many women agree that boxer briefs make a man look hot. Boxer briefs are a great choice to get attention from the ladies and stay comfortable and secure.

Boxer briefs come in a variety of lengths. Some are longer on the leg, while others have a shorter, more trunk cut. Boxer briefs can be found in a variety of great and comfortable fabrics too. All cotton boxer briefs are the best sellers. Styles are also available in cotton blends. Cotton and lycra combined offers comfort and extra support. Flannel is another popular material perfect for chilly nights. An anatomically correct boxer brief is the best boxer brief for men than need or enjoy room and a good fit in the front.

You don't have to feel limited to traditional white boxer briefs. Today's boxer briefs are available in many patterns and colors. You will find plenty of ways to express yourself through fun and interesting themes and designs. Men are taking more risks when it comes to their underwear choices. A great place to dip your toe in the proverbial water is through a fun and unique pair of boxer briefs.