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Underwear and Swimwear Reviews and Testimonials

Underwear and Swimwear Reviews

Some of the comment from customers: Y'know, everytime I come on to your site, you are sold out of XL, XXL, etc. I'm retired US Army, 54yo, 6'4", 35" waist and in good shape at 205 pounds. And yet you folks still make "tiny things that "cut" real males out of your market. I LOVED German swimwear-great fabrics, "like thin and comfortable",Fit like my favorite comfortable underwear, and would enjoy you folks having a collection for guys that want to be comfortable and still "MALE". A basic 2" at the side, pouched drawstring swim suit under $30 would be so appreciated by a market of Males that you folks really don't have. I'm small at the waist yet have legs that are more fitting to a Male with a 38-40" waist, I run and lift. I'm one of them, (Mature and in shape) and there are a whole lot of Naturist and nudist Males that are always looking for "something legal" to wear to the pool party, the beach, etc and still feel "naked" yet not bring the police calling. And the fabric has to be "slinkie! " yet "decent" so we won't offend too many church ladies! LOL!!!! I live in South Carolina and the gals here in the Bible Belt still refuse to believe Males have a penis so to be wearable here, well it would be a go just about anywhere else I would think. Just think, "wow a suit that feels like my favorite pair of under briefs, (not like a guitar string at the waist and leggings in thicker slinkie material and unlined with a drawstring), but "legal in public" and you'll have a winner! I'd buy a few pairs if the first one fit well!(BLK, Hunter Green, Navy, Royal, BLOOD RED, Aqua, Gym Grey!!!!-can you tell I've thot a lot about this! LOL!!!!)