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Underwear Infographic A look at the clothes under our clothes

The Skinny on Women and Men’s Underwear
Despite each generation bringing significant differences to women’s underwear, only recently have men’s underwear seen improvement in functionality and appearance. Since 2004, the men’s underwear market has steadily grown. Yet, when we look at how male celebrities have influenced men’s personal style (yes, even their underwear!), it should come as no surprise that more men are becoming adept at dressing up with fresh undergarments.
And while men are sprucing up, they’re also shelling out more for their girlfriends and wives. Among the top holiday gifts men purchase is sexy lingerie. But for Valentine’s Day, women aren’t the only recipients of sexy underwear. Women are just as liable to hunt down Valentine’s underwear to spice up the bedroom. Fewer men and women are shying away from kinky underwear styles, like jock straps and thongs. They have become a symbol of sexuality, danger, and adventure. After all, if you’re having fun, what’s the harm?
In this infographic, you will gain a rounded knowledge of the history of women’s lingerie; what men prefer to gift their wives and girlfriends; and what male celebrities are bearing underneath it all. You will also learn a few terrifying facts, like how many American men wear underwear at least ten years old!