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Underwear Market Statisctics Infographic

Did you know that when the United States was hit by the recession in 2009 men’s underwear sales slumped? According to Alan Greenspan, men’s underwear, which is a relatively stable market in apparel, can be a strong indicator of economic health. When the economy slumps, sales slump, but when the economy improves, sales increase and stabilize. Yet, British women’s lingerie sales rose 50% when the global recession struck. What exactly were these women investing in?   With the popularity of the adult novel Fifty Shades of Grey there’s no doubt the lingerie market has seen an influx of new consumers. Exotic and novelty underwear designs are more popular than ever. In the below infographic you can feast your eyes on some of the oddest (and hottest!) selections of undies. You can also read more about the oddities of the underwear market and even feast your eyes on some record-breaking underwear.