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Vacation Underwear

Must Haves for Your Vacation Underwear

How to pack and select your vacation underwear. Packing for your next vacation can be a stressful time. In the flurry to make sure that you have everything squared away, you might be left throwing your clothes into your suitcase at the last minute before getting to the airport. Obviously, this can lead to making less thoughtful decisions about what to pack. Sure, everyone remembers their swimsuit and fine dinner clothes, but do they think about the underwear that they will need on their trip? Probably not. Here are some things to consider when packing for your next vacation:

Best Underwear to Pack for Your Next Vacation

1.) Is it a romantic getaway? If your next vacation is a romantic getaway, it is likely that you will be spending more time out of your clothes than in them. If you are looking to impress your lover, you will want to make sure that you pack your must alluring undergarments. Think sex appeal with sensual fabrics like silk and lace, or ratchet up the heat with a more daring construction like mesh or latex. As always, if you are hoping to blow your lover out of the water, it is an excellent idea to purchase a few surprise pairs, so make sure you plan ahead.

2.) Is it an active retreat? Many athletic men plan their vacations around their favorite outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking or rock climbing. If you are planning an athletic vacation, you have probably already thought about the appropriate gear to bring, but if you have not yet considered the appropriate (supportive) undergarments, you are making a huge mistake. You know yourself best, so if you are planning an adventurous trip in the near future, be sure to bring your most comfortable and supportive performance underwear. Also, remember to pack enough, unless you are committed to the idea of hand washing every few days.

3.) What is the climate like? This should seem like a fairly obvious question, but it needs to be asked. If you are vacationing in an extreme climate, you must make appropriate choices for both outer and underwear. For hot climates, especially, you must ensure that your fabrics are moisture wicking and odor resistant. There is no quicker way to ruin a pleasant day than to have your crotch be uncomfortable and sweaty. For cold climates, it is equally important that your fabric choices be moisture-wicking. Wet junk is cold junk and that will seriously impede the success of your day on the slopes.

Whenever and wherever you are vacationing, you need to make thoughtful and considerate packing choices. Do not allow your well-earned vacation to be ruined by spending your days being uncomfortable in your underclothes. Take a few minutes to consider what you will be doing on your vacation and pack the appropriate underwear to get the job done.

Follow these guidelines to make sure you are adequately covered: 1. Pack enough (or plan to hand wash) 2. Pack the things that make you look and feel the best (or buy a few new pieces) 3. Pack your most supportive underwear (if you plan to move around)