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What is Underneath is Just as Important as What's on the Outside

Most people, especially women, spend time and money on their wardrobes, trying to look their best. However, what's underneath is just as important as what's on the outside when it comes to looking and feeling your best at all times. When Comfort Counts

Underwear is important perhaps for no better reason than because it is the foundation of your clothing. When your bra rubs, your socks itch or your panties pinch, it's hard to concentrate on working hard or enjoying yourself with others. If underwear tends to ride up or fall down, you're not only uncomfortable but have to fix it, and doing so in public is definitely a faux-paus. However, well-fitting underwear allows you to get on with your life without a second thought. There's no need for chafing, rubbing or ugly lines on your body from your bra or panties.

Pain Prevention Underwear An ill-fitting bra is not only important when it comes to physical appearance, but also to prevent pain. This is especially true for the well-endowed woman, because the weight of breasts can become uncomfortable. An ill-fitting bra can dig into your shoulders or back and going without a bra at all often results in back pain. Years of wearing an improperly-fitted bra can also take its toll, including chronic headaches and tingling pain in your arms. This is exactly why it's so important that you should get properly fitted for a bra. In fact, your size can change because of weight gain or loss, so you should try to get fitted every time your buy a bra. Experts recommend that you replace yours every six months to one year for the best fit, because bras lose elasticity over time.

A Flattering Fit

What's worse than your booty shorts or panties peeking through a thin pair of pants or your bra creating unflattering bulges on your back? Choosing the right undergarments helps you to avoid unsightly panty or bra lines, bulging and shifting that can lead to pain. It also helps you to emphasize your best features and downplay those that you'd rather not highlight.

In fact, shapewear is a type of undergarment that exists solely to improve how your look and how your clothes fit. It smooths out bumps and curves, while making you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Shapewear can lift, curve or compress exactly where you need it.

Have an Ugly, Red Rash?

Material is an important aspect when it comes to undergarments, especially woman's panties. There's a reason that everyone recommends a comfortable, cotton panty: it allows the vulva to breathe, especially during warm summer months. Cotton is better at wicking sweat away from your body as well. Other materials, like nylon and spandex, aren't as absorbent.

Even when a pair of panties has a cotton liner, it might not be enough. The waistband and legs of panties are one area where sweat can pool and, without cool cotton to collect it, this can lead to uncomfortable rashes and possibly even infections. Although body powders can help to reduce the likelihood of a rash or treat the symptoms, the easier way to prevent a rash from occurring is to simply wear cotton.

Hand washing your underwear in a gentle detergent can also help reduce rashes, if you know you have sensitive skin or suffer from a condition such as eczema. You should avoid washing your intimates with bleach if they contain an elastic band, because the rubber and bleach can react. Hand washing also prolongs the life of your unmentionables.

Putting a little thought and effort into your underwear will more than pay off in the long run.