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Contactless Muti-Purpose Tool Handle

Stop Touching contaminated surfaces with your barehands with our newest tool, the Contact-less Door Opener Tool. Beware of ATMS and door handles, any high traffic areas such as restaurants or schools. Stay safe out there with this handy tool.

•This keychain helps to avoid contact with dirty, contaminated surfaces.
•This multi-purpose tool can be used when opening doors, pressing elevator buttons, using the ATM, and carrying shopping bags.
•Hook shape designed to grab a handle and open doors.
•End can be used to push elevator buttons.
•Top side can be used as a bottle opener.

 Ships from the USA in Phoenix AZ usa shipping

No-Touch Key Handle helps with that and much more.

How to use Touchless Door opener :

Insert you finger through the back hole and hook on to the handle and either Pull or Push, either one works great and you are protected at the same time.

These are available in 3 different color/metal options to work for you: Nickel, Brass or Chrome plated.




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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
germ a phobe

Since I have always been a bit of a germaphobe I am happy that more people are using these. Covid 19 is real. I hate signing or touching credit card terminals or gas station pumps and definitely door handles.

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