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Double Cross Black and White Rosary Necklace

ID : FADT-32-27613-N

This double cross rosary is a unique black and white rosary necklace with beads and an open metal double gothic fleur de lis Templar cross that has two pieces that hang separately. This beautiful rosary necklace is a great multiuse accessory that can be used as street wear, for religious purposes, for costumes, or as a fashion accessory. This rosary measures about 27" in circumference, and has a hanging strand that measures about 5" long. The cross itself measures about 1.5" long. The beads on this rosary are made of lightweight, durable, high quality plastic, and are strung together with two strands of strong polyester string. The cross is constructed of two separate crosses made of metal with a white and a black durable coating, and are held together with a metal ring that allows them to move independently for a fun little effect that could be symbolic. FADT-3227613N


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  • When are y'all gonna get more in stock because I was gonna buy four of those black and white rosary could you please let me know

    Sorry, we are not longer expecting more at these at this time.  Manufacturer is no longer making them, you can checkout all our other accessories here:

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