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Item Personalization

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  • What is this all about?

    Hello, this is personalization to items that do not have it as an option on our site. Note the item does depend on the material but we can add something to a variety of our underwear purchased from our site. Depending on what you are trying to add the charge can be anywhere from 5-20 dollars. How to know the amount of the personalization you would need to contact us to see if the item can be printed on and if so we will send you the amount needed in the personalization, so ten thousand pennies would be added for 10 dollars and so on. Once you add the items to your cart you should have 2 items, the underwear and personalization charge, and in the notes/comments section you will write if its a text and or image. The text can be added in quotations and the image can be sent via email. We hope this helps. Thank you