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Jewels C-Ring Pouch Sock by Gregg Homme

ID : GH-110114

The Jewels Collection C-Ring Enhancing Pouch Men's Underwear Cock Sock by Gregg Homme is an exciting and elegant way to give yourself lift, support, and cock ring type enhancement. This unique cock ring pouch is a sock style pouch, meaning that there is no connection between the bottom of the pouch and the back of the underwear. This pouch is held on by the adjustable strap that goes around the waist and through the decorative bead, making up the lip of the pouch. The strap can be tightened around the base of the genitals for a snug fit that acts like a cockring. The waist locker clip on the back keeps the tightness around the waist and the pouch lip. The penis can be kept in the pouch, and then taken out through the opening between the pouch and the bead for quick action without losing a beat. The pouch tightness can be adjusted quickly and the waistband can accommodate many different waist sizes. This one size fits most g-string men's c ring pouch fits most adult men up to waist size 40. The pouch comes in black, and the bead is a metallic silver with filigree designs. This enhancing integrated c-ring underwear can be worn under other underwear for a profile package enhancing effect, or on its own for spicing up any moment. Polyamide, Elastane, Metal. GH-110114


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  • GH-110114 JEWELS C-RING POUCH SOCK BY GREGG HOMME Sold Out First, you make me drool and then you tell me the item is sold out. Will this item ever be in stock again? Thx, Marco

    Unfortunately, this item is discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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