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Valentines Day Romantic Coupons

ID : ABC-F0212

Valentines Day Romantic Lovers Coupons Gift Certificate Booklet, clearance priced. This fun booklet contains 20 romantic coupons, each which can be redeemed for a different romantic prize. The pages in the book read: "Redeem this coupon for ONE ROMANTIC DATE Choose: a) dinner and a movie, b) picnic in the park, c) other____", "Redeem this coupon for A ROMANTIC BREAKFAST IN BED Choose a menu of your choice or ask to be surprised!", With this coupon receive ONE HUNDRED KISSES FROM HEAD TO TOES", "This coupon is good for ONE ROMANTIC DINNER Choose your favorite restaurant or we can order for home delivery!", "Redeem this coupon for ONE ROMANTIC BUBBLE BATH Luxury treatment includes bath being poured for you, candles lit and a promise of no interruptions!", "Redeem for ONE PASSIONATE KISS UNDER THE MOON AND STARS", This coupon is good for ONE DAY OF "SPECIAL" TREATMENT In other words, your wish is my command.", "This coupon is good for ONE EVENING OF ROMANTICSURPRIS ES Just give me a wink!", "This coupon is A ROMANTIC "BLANK SLATE" Simply fill in the blanks. What:_____ When:_____ and Where:_____", "Redeem this coupon for ONE ROMANTIC SLOW DANCE We'll watch a show and curl up under a blanket together!", "This coupon invites you to ONE ROMANTIC "FANTASY" You name it. We'll do it!", "Redeem this coupon for ONE ROMANTIC MASSAGE", "This coupon challenges you to A ROMANTIC GAME OF CHANCE Best out of three - winner gets to choose their prize!", "This coupon invites you to PLAY A GAME OF CARDS, JUST THE TWO OF US Winner of each round wins a passionate kiss! Game suggestions: go fish, snap, and crazy 8's.", Redeem this coupon for AN INTIMATE RENDEZVOUS Time and location to be disclosed!", "Redeem this coupon for A SNUGGLE ON THE COUCH We'll watch a show and curl up under a blanket together!", "This coupon invites you to ENJOY AN INTIMATE DRINK TOGETHER We'll toast over champagne, coffee, water or juice! It doesn't matter as long as we're together.", "Redeem this coupon for ONE ROMANTIC WALK IN THE PARK We'll hold hands and reminisce about some great times we've had together.", "With this coupon receive ONE "CHORE FREE" DAY", "Redeem this coupon for A DECADENT DESSERT FOR TWO Let's share a chocolate fudge sundae and use only one spoon!". You can decide how naughty or sweet the outcomes of these coupons are! Please note that this booklet of romantic coupons is clearance priced because there are a few typos and printing mistakes on a couple of pages. Also on the back of each page is a romantic black and white photograph of a couple enjoying their time together, just like you will with your partner when you have this booklet! ABC-F0212


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