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May 02, 2023

Underwear — it's one of the sexiest articles of clothing. However, sexy underwear has historically been more prominent for women than it has for men. While women seem to have a ton of options when it comes to aesthetically pleasing undergarments, options for men's sexy underwear are limited. 

Are you a male stripper? Do you perform in a male burlesque act? Do you want to dress sexy for a one-off occasion? 

You might not realize all of the options out there for men's sexy underwear. This article will walk you through a few tips. 

Custom Text

If you're performing a particular male stripping routine, custom text on your underwear can add that extra "wow" factor that will push your act over the edge.

The text can be an inside joke that increases the humor of your act. Or it can be tailored to this event, earning you some extra tips. 

This is useful if you're in the burlesque world, which often rewards creativity and humor. If you're in a popular burlesque/clowning scene — like the one that's bubbling up in Brooklyn — this could be perfect for you. 

Check out several of our options of custom printed underwear— they'll make the stripping outfit complete. 


Men's mesh underwear is one of the best options for men's underwear. Mesh has a long history in the world of the male strip show, and if you're looking for male stripper costume ideas, you don't need to look further than mesh underwear. 

Mesh underwear works well for anyone who wants to do a sexy, hyper-contemporary act. If you want to have wild nightclub vibes in your stripping act, this could be perfect for you. 

Mesh underwear looks good in wild, neon, day-glo colors. You could pair it with wild tops, breakaway pants, and fuzzy boots to further the theme. 

We recommend going with mesh underwear if you have a more alternative look. Mesh looks great with long hair, piercings, and tattoos. 

You could even pair your mesh underwear with a mesh shirt for the perfect male strip tease outfit. Layers make stripping outfits fantastic. The more you can take off, the easier time you'll have planning out your act. 

Mesh works great as an in-between for clothing and nudity. It can add a dynamic layer to the top of your body.

If you coordinate colors, this can be extra effective. You could even fit a small piece of mesh underwear under a pair of boxers. 

For example, check out this mesh jockstrap. This is the perfect final thing to leave on as you're finishing out your routine. 

Go Themed

Making use of themes is a great way to create a dynamic, aesthetically coherent strip performance.

Themes are great for people who are new to the world of stripping or burlesque. They're an easy way to make sure that your act stays engaging and unique. 

They're also perfect for people who aren't actually strippers but want to dress as one for a party. 

The best themes out there are the ones that are associated with traditional masculinity and authority. Firefighters, police officers, and superheroes are popular. Another great choice — with many options to work in music and costume pieces — is a soldier. 

If you're going to go with an army-themed outfit, you have to go with camo. Check out this great camo piece of underwear. Pair this with a hat, tactical vest, and some combat boots, and you have a fantastic look going. 

Take Inspiration From the Time of the Year

Another one of the best ways to make sure your act stays fresh is to base it on the time of the year. If Christmas is coming up, consider a sexy Santa act. If it's the summer, you can work in a beach theme.

However, the more specific and unique you can get, the better your act will be. How many people in your local scene will be doing acts themed around St. Patrick's Day? 

Whatever you choose to go for in the world of St Patrick's Day themes, you have to pair it with a great piece of St Patrick's Day underwear

Rock a G-String

If you want to go all-out and have the body for it, we highly recommend wearing a g-string. A g-string is a classic look for strippers — we just don't usually see it on the menu. So why not collapse these gender roles and rock a G-string? 

On our site, you have many options for g-strings. These can get specific to the time of the year, work on themes, look silly, or look silly. No matter what you choose though, a G-string will be great for you. 

Cover Up Well 

It's no secret that men and women are attracted to different things. Something that's key to a male stripping routine (that is, if you're performing for women), is appealing to a woman's tastes. 

Women like the chase, the reveal, and the consistency. When you're planning your routine, consider your exterior outfit just as much as you consider your underwear. The best piece of sexy underwear for men is going to be less effective if what goes on over it doesn't work quite as well. 

Men's Sexy Underwear 

Whether it's for a male strip tease or just a male stripper sexy costume, we highly recommend the above options for men's sexy underwear. As always, get creative with the above options, and you're sure to please. 

For more information on custom underwear and sexy underwear for men, contact us today. 

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