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May 16, 2023

Father's Day is right around the corner. Have you started thinking about gifts for hubby?

While there are tons of special and sentimental presents you can choose from, we suggest going a slightly more romantic route. Chances are, your man will get plenty of handmade treasures from your children, so why not spoil your husband with a gift he'll never expect?

If you want to create a sexy Father's Day for the man in your life, we're here to help. Today, we're sharing five Father's Day gift ideas that are sure to turn his head. 

Personalized Underwear

Imagine the surprise on your husband's face when you present him with a pair of personalized men's underwear just for him! While you might wonder if he'll wear them on a regular basis, take a look at his current drawer. You'll likely find ratted, torn, and holey pairs that he's still holding onto out of practicality.

Most men love to shop for sexy lingerie for their ladies but aren't as willing to spend the time or money on themselves. This is why they'll never expect to see sexy underwear for men when they open their gift box!

To really ramp up the spice, consider getting him a Personalized G-string. We can customize yours with the text or image of your choice, so choose a visual you know he'll love. 

Couples Massage

Being a dad might be one of the greatest parts of your husband's life. Yet, the reality is that between growing in his career, juggling papa duty, and tending to you and the home, he might be feeling stretched a little thin. Truth be told, you might share that same sentiment. 

This is why you both deserve a couple's massage! Choose a local spa you love and go ahead and indulge in their longest session. Your pleasure and sanity are worth the investment on this sexy Father's Day.

Think about whether you want extras (such as hot stones or special essential oils), as well as any special music playing. Most massage therapists are happy to take simple requests and will go out of their way to make your session memorable. If you really want to make your husband feel special, take some notes while you're there and recreate the massage when you get back home!

One report shows that couples who massage each other see improvements in their overall well-being, as well as their mental clarity, mood, stress levels, and relationship satisfaction. 

Cozy Boxer Briefs

Nothing says "Let's cuddle on the couch when the kids go to bed" quite like a pair of cozy boxer briefs. However, we implore you not to choose the same old ones he's worn for years. He might not buy a new set for himself, so let us help you find the best gifts for your husband. 

To create a sexy Father's Day, head straight to our Boxer Briefs and Men's Trunks section. Here, you'll find a variety of options from simple neutrals to bold patterns. Think about what interests your hubby and what type of men's underwear he would prefer.

Then, shop from there! For instance, if he's into studying outer space, why not make your husband feel special with some Superstar Mens Boxer Brief Underwear? Comfortable and supportive in the front, this pair is also form-fitting on the thighs for an especially sexy look. 

If he's more into solid neutrals, check out the rest of our sexy underwear for men! Our Mens Cotton Knitted Mesh Trunks are a customer favorite, working just as well under a pair of work trousers as his favorite basketball shorts.

Sexy Coupon Book

On a normal basis, you might be the one focused on saving money and managing the household budget. Yet, those aren't quite the kinds of coupons we're talking about, here.

Rather, we mean the sexy kind that are designed to spoil your husband and make him feel like the star he is. There are lots of different romantic ideas you can throw in there, from special bedtime treats to a steak dinner whenever he feels like it. Here's a list of more than 20 to help you get started.

Put some rules around it to stretch the game out and make it last. For instance, allow him to choose one per week, or per month. This way, you can make the celebration last all year long if you want!

Workout Clothes He'll Love

One of the sexiest and most rewarding things you can do with your husband is enjoy a sweat session together! This study found that couples who hit the gym or the track together are in better moods when they exercise. In addition, they're also happier throughout the day and more satisfied with their relationships. 

Once you've gifted him some of our sexy underwear, head to the Workout Clothes section of our shop. Here, you'll find pieces that are anything but boring and ordinary.

Forget the basic athleisurewear staples and instead, embrace something a little more wild. Our Modern Mens Jersey Tank Top is a great pick, and it's available in a range of solid, colorblocked and triblend colors.

Spoil Him With a Sexy Father's Day

In the day-to-day grind of parenthood, it can be easy to forget what helped you make those babies to begin with -- that undeniable spark. This year, embrace a sexy Father's Day with these romantic, sensual gifts for hubby. 

When you're ready to start shopping, our online store is filled with unique, special gifts for your husband. Choose a few items he'll adore and surprise him with some of his new favorites. He'll thank you for it, and you'll be the one who really gets the gift. 

Check out our Clearance Section for even more ideas!

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