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St Patrick's Day Drinking Games

November 30, 2023

Before you start any St Patrick's Day drinking game make sure you have an adequate amount of a green beverage. It is essential to create a festive atmosphere for both spectators and participants. The next thing to consider is appropriate attire. No celebratory competition is complete without appropriate attire adorned with shamrocks and leprechauns ideally, but just green will do in a pinch. With both of those elements taking care of you are now ready to partake in some of the following St. Patty's day beverage swilling activities. If you notice that these games sound familiar it is because they are all knock-offs of children's games. However, what did you expect...really. Get your St Patricks Day shirts and underwear and get ready to stumble!

Shot Potato
If you can not figure out the premise of this game from the name you might be drinking already. For this version of the game break out your largest spud and best Irish music. Put on the jig and start passing that potato. When the music stops whoever is holding the "shot" potato has to drink, take a shot, or chug whatever concoction is considered the game drink. The game ends

Coin Hunt
Those little leprechauns decided to rip off the Easter bunny for this gem. Instead of eggs use coins. If you and your friends are the kind of people that play drinking games it is suggested that you use fake coins of some sort. Tape a note with a chugging recommendation to the coin of sorts and hide. Again, evaluate your guests before you hide the coins as they might not be as clever or diligent as kids looking for easter eggs. When someone finds a coin they are to read the note attached and follow the recommendation. Again, evaluate your participants as pictograms may be appropriate.

Sip, Sip, Shot

You need equipment for this next stolen activity.  While the child's version is played sitting on the ground it is doubtful your friends will be that nimble, use chairs in a circle instead. Pick a random person to start with. That person goes around tapping the heads of those in the circle reciting sip on every tap until they feel the urge to say shot on one of the head taps. The shot person, hopefully already tipsy, will chase the tapper around in a circle until they catch them or that person gets to the seat of the tapped upon. If they lose this game of tag they then have to take a shot. If the person tapping the heads gets caught they must take the shot and start again.

No doubt there are myriad of other brilliant St Patrick's Day T-shirt drinking games that have not been mentioned. However, this is more than enough to keep your celebrations going or to inspire you to create your own. Do not be afraid to go out on a limb and do some research as there are plenty of festivities that are even more childish than these. If you like cruel and humiliating games be sure to research Pot O' Gold or Chase the Leprechaun. Those are two games that are sure to humiliate and offend nearly every friend you might have. If none of these games appeal to you then you might be a bit boring. If so, you can just drink as fast and as much as possible and call that a game.

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