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Men's Lace Underwear

Did you think we would today see so many styles of men’s lace underwear? Lace was all the rage in the late 1500's. Everybody who was anybody was into wearing lace. Whole villages were devoted to painstakingly making it by hand to be used for adornment by the royals and upper echelons of society.
The intermarriages between the nobility of different countries meant that new patterns and uses for lace were always coming into fashion. In fact, fashion has always dictated the role of lace in society. Well, it's now 2013 and fashion has found yet another place for lace: men's underwear. It's true; all the things that make lace sexy and desirable for use in women's underwear also apply to its application in men's underwear .

Lace is undeniably sexy. Lace has a long history of being associated with wealth and luxury. Most lace that is used for men's underwear is not made by hand, but it still has the connotation of being an opulent and indulgent item. Lace, due to the nature of its construction, is an alluring fabric when used for underwear. Its peek-a-boo design of interwoven threads leave gaps where hints of flesh can peek through. Lace can be modest and sexy all at the same time.

It is important to note that designers approach men's lace underwear as its own unique genre. This is not women's underwear sold to men. Men's lace underwear has all of the features you would expect from any other men's underwear with the addition of lace as the fabric of construction. In fact, many styles of men's lace underwear use lace as an accent fabric relying on more sturdy fabrics to do the, ahem, heavy lifting. Picture a pair of men's microfiber bikini underwear with a few lace details in the waistband or as side panels. This application of lace screams sexy. It is a way for designers to incorporate a luxurious and sensual element into a traditional cut of men's underwear. This is a great way for men to express their indulgent and softer side.

Men's lace underwear also is available in more risqué styles. For example, men's lace underwear can be found in bikini, trunk cut, and thong cuts. This is underwear that will really get you some attention. The sheerness of the fabric is such a tease!

Men's lace underwear looks great in black, but there are countless colors available. To really play up your softer side try lace underwear in pale pink or pastel blue. The lace really stands out when executed in these pale tones.

Men love shopping for lingerie for their wives or girlfriends. Lace underwear for men is a great offering in the men's lingerie
Men who wear lace underwear exhibit a certain confidence and sexuality that their partners find irresistible. Imagine the surprise and delight your partner will experience when he or she discovers you in a pair of lace underwear. When you make the effort to do something romantic and sensual it is sure to impress your partner.