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Rips Underwear

Rips underwear, RIPS underwear for men including the famous Rips drawstring brief, Rips jock strap, Rips athlete brief, Rips Squarecut, Rips tank tops and more at ABC Underwear (TM).

RIPS Underwear, Rips sizing, size chart, US Sizing: SMALL 28"-30", MEDIUM 32"-34", LARGE 36"-38", X-LARGE, XL 40"-42"        


RIPS Extreme

Why RIPS? It Started With Quality

RIPS began by catching the imagination and loyalty of men across the country who expected more from their underwear as much fashion as function. RIPS has continued to grow across the USA and earned RIPS a loyal customer base as a leading brand and innovator in the men's underwear market. Unique signature RIPS styles include the Drawstring Brief, Drawstring Boxer and Athlete Trunk Brief as well as the popular RIPS Contour Pouch Brief. Exceptional quality and fresh, eye-catching styles in great fabrics and colors combine to offer consumers the choices they are looking for to fill their underwear drawers!

RIPS Original RIPS

RIPS mens underwear featured 15 tops and bottoms styles made of Asean Cotton. For the uninitiated RIPS uses only the finest double combed Asean Cotton available on the planet Earth! This double-combed process lends a buttery smooth, soft feel to all the styles. The S-T-R-E-T-C-H of the body hugging briefs and boxers gives RIPS some of the hottest, most dynamic styles on the market! RIPS underwear has kept its sex appeal and edge for the customer who wants fashion underwear and at the same time RIPS Underwear designs styles for every consumer of any age who expects comfort for everyday use.

RIPS Colour: Take the RIPS Original line using the signature buttery soft Asean Double-Combed Cotton/Spandex fabric add color-color-color trim with contrasting waistband, leg binding and/or stitching and you have knockout styles! This summer RIPS Colour introduced deep French Blue with contrasting binding and stitching in black. In September, RIPS Colours explodes in 3 new colors with contrasting Viper Black accents.

RIPS Performance is the ultimate in luxury mens underwear: silhouettes in silky-smooth Tencel fabric with a touch of spandex that drape for a fantastic fit! Tencel is an eco-friendly, super-soft alternative fabric and has the moisture-wicking breathability of a premium microfiber performance. Our most popular RIPS styles infused with comfort and support in superb clean lines. Tencel fibers are naturally pure and do not contain any pesticides and agricultural chemicals plus are arranged to create a unique moisture management and absorb 130% more vapor than cotton. Tencel is perfect for year-round wear. It has a cooling effect when temperatures get hot and a warming effect when cold. Tencel is a 100% natural cellulose performance fiber that won the European Eco Award as a Green Friendly fabric. These RIPS Performance styles have a sensational touch and will definitely win a spot in your favorites whether you save them for special occasions or wear everyday!

So whether you are just looking for everyday mens underwear, sexy skivvies or something great to wear to a party - RIPS has a style for you! RIPS Underwear are for the man who wants more than the latest look in underwear. RIPS underwear are casual but sophisticated and ALWAYS the highest quality. RIPS will take you through your day to a night out on the town in luxurious comfort and unbeatable style.