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Men's Beachwear

Beachwear for men

Men can rejoice! The days when swimwear choices were limited to boxy swimming trunks or utilitarian sports suits are over. For many men this change is a welcome one. Contemporary menswear designers, including those who create men's underwear and swimwear, are starting to transition out of the old standard norms and are coming up with great looking and stylish options. Swimwear collections are no longer limited to the old guard of men's swimwear manufacturers like Speedo. More than ever fashion houses are looking to swimwear as a way to expand their brands. It is very likely that your favorite designers have a line of swimwear that you should check out.

For summer of 2013 all trends point to Europe as a source of inspiration. European men are often credited with having less inhibition and seem to be willing to take more risks when it comes to their swimwear choices. This season's swimwear trends are taking inspiration from our friends from across the Atlantic. This means that suits are fitting more closely to the body. Instead of long, shapeless swim trunks styles are shorter with a more tailored look.

Color and pattern are going to be two very important trends to watch for this summer. Summer looks are all about bold color. You need to think about color in its most vibrant and eye catching shades. This summer's color palette is going to include turquoise, coral, lime, and even neon. Look for brands that promote chlorine resistant fabrics, this will keep your suit looking its best all season long. Choosing one of these colors is one way to definitely stand out at the beach. Pattern is going to be important this summer too. Hawaiian prints are going to be big, but when reinterpreted in the colors mentioned above they look super fresh and modern.

Retro looks with a modern interpretation are another hot item. Think trunks from the mid-1960s with a cool twist like roping detail or drawstrings in bold contrasting colors. These styles look amazing when paired with a straw fedora and retro aviator-style sunglasses. If you are a fan of preppy fashion you will not be disappointed this summer. Preppy looks in plaids and paisleys will instantly transport your style to haute Hampton in no time.

For many men working out and eating healthier are daily habits. All of that hard work should not be hidden away under yards of fabric. Everyone knows that swimwear is just as much about being seen as it is having something to actually wear for swimming. With so many great looking options available for this summer why not try a new cut of swimwear? Remember, this summer is all about the European influence and what is more European than a hot bikini suit? The bikini is the perfect choice for the man who is confident and ready to show it. Bikini styles show off all of your assets and send the message that you are a self-assured man. That is sure to get you some attention from your fellow beachgoers.

If you aren't quite ready to take the plunge into a pair of bikinis, then how about the slightly more modest square cut suit? The square cut is best described as a really short pair of boxer briefs. They provide ample support, but are a tad bit more revealing. The square cut suit is a great way to retain some modesty while still showing off plenty of your physique.

If you are the type of man who likes to take things to the extreme then the thong suit is definitely where you want to look. The thong suit leaves very little to the imagination. If you are looking to really show off your assets along with your self-confidence the thong suit is screaming your name.

Embrace this summer's hot European inspired trends and raise the temperature of everyone around you at the pool or beach.