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Summer Underwear Selections

Add a Fun Pop of Color to Your Summer Underwear Selections

Summer is just around the corner, put aside your drab underwear and pull on some new styles in fun, attention grabbing colors. Designers are introducing new looks that mirror all the great hues of summer. There is something about the onset of summer that seems to make everyone want to shed their clothing in dark, subdued colors and pull on something more bold and festive. Make sure that you include your underwear as an important part of your modest wardrobe summer . The forecast for Summer 2014 is all about bright, rich tones and tons of colors. Summer is a great time to update and replace your underwear with some saucy new looks. Why not try some cuts in the hot colors for summer. You can secretly revel in the glory of summer, even if you are stuck at the office.

Bold Color on the Horizon for Summer Men's Underwear Style

Blue appears to be leading the pack as the color of choice for Summer 2014. Blue in every shade is everywhere this summer, from baby blue to dark navy underwear and every hue in between . Blue is the go-to color for Summer time. Blue brings to mind the expansive summer sky and the crystal waters of the ocean.Designers of men's underwear think that you deserve a little flair under your clothing. The color palette for men's underwear is expanding past traditional colors like black, heather grey, and white. Now men can find underwear in a rainbow of colors, including all the trend setting colors found in other men's clothing items. Many men appreciate this variety. Matching your underwear to your outfit is a subtle and fun way to express your personal style.

When you are shopping for underwear this summer Click here, keep in mind the other trends that are developing in the world of men's fashion when it comes to color. Bright yellow is another color that keeps popping up everywhere in men's fashion for Summer 2014. It makes sense that this cheery color which is evocative of bright summer days would be making an appearance at this time of year. A burst of sunny yellow in your underwear drawer will be sure to boost your mood. Yellow underwear will also make your tan look incredible.

Another trend to be aware of for the summer months is the emphasis on patterns that is popular right now in men's fashion. Patterns are everywhere when it comes to men's accessories. Don't leave your underwear off the "to update" list when it comes to shopping for summer accessories. Camo is still around in a big way and there are tons of options for camo print men's underwear. Camo boxers, briefs, and trunk cut briefs are showing up everywhere in slimmer fitting and more fashion forward styles. Another pattern that typically gets a lot of attention this time of year is the tropical print. Designers are showing plenty of tropical prints as one would expect. Some designers are showcasing less tropical and more floral styles for men in interesting colors and cuts.

Take the time to pick up some new underwear at ABCunderwear.com in the hottest colors and patterns for Summer 2014. Summer is that time of year when anything can happen. Make sure you're ready for anything with some great new underwear looks.